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After I got divorced, I was really worried about getting back into the dating game. My kids were still young, and I was concerned about offending them or making them feel like I didn't care. Fortunately, after I found the right person, my kids responded alright to the situation. The same couldn't be said for my new stepkids, however. They really struggled with the concept of a blended family, which is why I started working with a family counselor to help us to improve our familial relationship. The advice that our counselor gave us was helpful, welcomed, and integrated into our day-to-day routine. It made a huge difference. Read this blog to find out more about improving relationships and family.

Pursuing Legal Action On A Family Member: Reasons To Choose A Process Service

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If you need to send a family member to court, you'll likely need to have them legally notified by a sheriff or a process service. Although a sheriff's department is cheaper, there are a few reasons why a process service is helpful in getting the job done. 

They Work Quickly

One major difference with a process service is the speed of the process. While sheriffs will certainly try to handle the process as quickly and best as they can, they also have many other responsibilities to look after. A process server's main goal is to serve your papers quickly and efficiently to reduce the damage. 

They Understand the Laws

Process service is also a good option because they understand the laws very well. For instance, there are various laws determining the appropriate procedures for serving process, the times of day when process service is allowed, and what the procedures are if the person is out of the state or simply can't be reached. The last thing you'd want to happen is that the papers weren't served correctly and your family member can dispute the process. To avoid any repeats or drama, it's often best to choose a professional who is well-versed in process service. 

They are Less Intimidating

Pursing legal action on a family member can be damaging and stressful enough, as it can put a lot of strain on the relationships of each family member. A process service can be a good way to ease the tension during this process. The sheriff's goal is simply to pursue legal justice, and they may not be interested in handling the case as delicately as possible. When you hire a process service instead, you can talk them through your needs, such as being as diplomatic as possible while serving the papers. 

They Provide Customer Service

At the same time, a process service is great for this delicate situation because they can provide you with great customer service. You won't need to wonder about the status of your process service, how they other person handled it, and what the next steps are. Your process server can act as a guide to the whole process, and someone will be available to answer your calls if you should have any questions. 

In short, when you have a sensitive issue such as serving a family member, then a process server can be the way to go. They can help you get the job done quickly and professionally. Contact a business, such as In Focus Investigations, for more information. 


4 March 2016